Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best soap for psoriasis?

We have a few soaps we recommend trying for psoriasis as well as eczema.

First, we have our detoxifying soap, with activated charcoal and bentonite clay. Check out our blog post to learn more about what this soap may do for you.

Then we have our oatmeal and honey soap. This is a very popular bar for those with skin irritations as well as sensitive skin.

Next, we have our sea salt soap. It is also gentle on the skin and the salt is a great moisturizer. It also has a number of trace minerals such as magnesium which aids in hydrating the skin.

We also have our shaving and facial soap, which we generally sale just as a shaving bar, but with bentonite clay as its main ingredient it has the potential to help in cases of psoriasis and other skin problems which may be caused by bacteria, fungus, or other toxins.

Beyond these, we have the following suggestion and testimony to consider:

“We use our mints (Peppermint and Spearmint) for our daughter that has eczema since it contains comfrey. It is great for the skin. Also we have found putting extra virgin coconut oil on is a great help also. My husband has drier skin in the winter also. And he likes to use the Tea Tree the best.”

Are your soap bars gluten and wheat free?

Yes! We use coconut, olive and Safflower oils. And are careful not to have allergens in them. (Gluten and soy mainly).

Hello! I have come on your website about soaps and candles so I want to know what kind of payments do you accept? What about check or money order?

No, we do not currently accept checks or money orders. We will be updating this in the future to include these options though. However, we do use PayPal and Amazon Payments through our normal checkout process.

I heard about your soaps on Naturally Knocked Up and had a question. On your website it says “Our soaps are made from only plant oils, 100% Essential Oils”, yet each soap has sodium hydroxide as an ingredient.

Sodium Hydroxide is the technical term for Lye. Lye is made by allowing water to go through Hardwood ashes.Then is caught in a bucket at the other end. The liquid at the end then is Lye. Commercial companies I doubt make it this way since they want it to be the same concentration every time. Sodium Hydroxide can be made in your kitchen without chemicals. If we could make all our lye for our soaps we would. But time doesn’t allow that right now.
When making soap you mix Lye and oils and they have a chemical reaction called saponification. Then after 3 days that process is over and you no longer have Lye or oils. You have soap.
You can not have soap without lye. You can wash in other things like Yucca root or salt. But not soap.
We still believe our soaps are natural. They are from quality ingredients. And we take pride in them. We would be honored if you would like to try our soaps and see what you think. I can send you some if you would like to try them.
Thanks for your question. If you have anymore let us know. We will do our best to answer them for you.

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