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12 Beeswax tealights


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We love to have candles around. We also do not like to use any petroleum or soy based candles. Soy wax from my research always has a percentage of petroleum in it. I also wonder about the effects of burning a estrogenic plant wax in my home. It might do nothing. But it isn’t worth the potential risk for me.   If you read into the affects of these waxs on the body you’ll be scared of them. They aren’t worth it. We like to use tealight warmers for our teapot and like to set the table with candles. We do not want a poisionous candle that near our food. Let alone breathing it in.

Enter Beeswax. In my opinion it is the safest most natural wax. I love it! And I rest easy in burning them. I love the beeswax glow. They are so nice to look at. And the scent of honey they give off. Heavenly.

(this listing is for 12 tealights no candle holder)



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