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Beeswax (single ounce)


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Beeswax is what started it all for me. Well at least bees did. But Beeswax has long since been my favorite product. I love the smell and the potential health benefits of it. I personally use a half of one of these (1 ounce bricks) in my tart warmer. I am very much against synthetic fragrances. They are terrifying to me. So I use these natural beeswax pieces to freshen our air here. And their natural happy yellow color is so cheerful it is a lovely sight to see. Please please look into the dangers of synthetic fragrances! And while your at it look into the benefits of Beeswax. We buy directly from local beekeepers and personally clean and mold it ourselves.

There are many many uses for Beeswax like salve, candles, bees wrap food covers, lotion, lotion bars, etc. What do you use beeswax for?

Ingredients: Beeswax (1 ounce each)


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