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Groovy Citrus Sunset Soap


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This is a really great scent! It is a blend I made of Orange and Patchouli essential oils. I was NOT a fan of Patchouli for years. But grew to really like it. But this Blend takes it to amazing places. I REALLY like this blend. So much! The orange is the first thing you smell But the Patchouli is still very much there. It is so good! It is made with the ‘In the Pot swirl’ method and as you can see some bars have more red clay than the others. But all the bars have a nice amount of clay in them for a smooth feel. If you haven’t tried a clay bar yet I recommend you try this one.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Olive oil, Safflower oil, Lye Water, Orange and Patchouli essential oils, Red and white Kaolin Clays

4 ounce 113 gram bar


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