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Lilley’s Rosie Truffle Bath Bomb Cupcake


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Lilley loves making these. We work together on them so you get soap from me and a bathbomb from her in a cute way. These have been pretty popular for her. Lilley loves to create. She has dreams to fill as well. While she loves making these, she wants to open a coffee catering business. So she is selling bath bombs to fund that dream. So you support both her selling these bath treats as well as her dream of the coffee business. Lilley is our 4th child and is 13 years old.

Soap Frosting Ingredients: WEIGHT VARIES SOAP FROSTING 3 OZ/ 85 GRAM
Coconut oil, Olive oil, Safflower oil, Lye water, Rose Kaolin Clay, Rose bud

NET WEIGHT:4.5 OUNCES /127 GRAMS  Bath bomb Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate
Citric Acid
Epsom Salt
Collodial oatmeal
Rose Kaolin Clay
Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter
Coconut oil
Grapeseed oil
Rose essential oil



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