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Dry Face Mask mix (with Matcha and French Green Clay)


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This mask smells pleasantly like Green tea. It also will make 15-25 masks! We like to use a mask weekly or less as they are great to deep clean but can dry your skin due to the clay. We like also to trade up what we mix with the clay. You can use good water, milk, egg whites, aloe gel or juice, honey, the list is long! We have found a half to 3/4 teaspoon of the powder is plenty for a face.  You barely need a half to one tsp of your liquid to make a nice smooth mask. The texture you want is totally due to preference. Washing it off JUST before it is fully dry is our favorite time.

As we have told you in our other posts we like to keep things natural. And if we made ready to use masks (no mixing required) then we would have to add a preservative. We do everything we can to avoid doing that. We don’t want preservatives on our skin. Or yours. Beauty and clean skin isn’t worth your health. And if we won’t use it we won’t sell it.


French green Clay

Matcha Green Tea


Peppermint essential oil (barely there)

Shake before each use in case there is settling.

net weight 2 ounces/ 56 grams



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