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Perfection Tea (large)

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This tea was grown and formulated by our dear friends in Arizona. They grow everything on their land. They began several years ago growing their own Moringa and to use it in a tasty way She created this delicious recipe. I have been drinking it for 3-4 years and since the first year I put in a yearly claim to fill my tea stash needs. I decided this year I wanted to share with you guys. I got all her stock this time that I wanted to make it available to you. I first tried it hot and thought it was wonderful. (sometimes I add local honey sometimes I don’t) And I tried it cold as well and was blown away. I think it  is seriously Perfection. I highly recommend you try this tea and support both of our families.Our goal is to bring you the best products that we possibly can. And Perfection tea is absolutely one of the best! (We love it so much we made a soap to match it!)

2 ounce (56 grams) of loose leaf tea.

Ingredients:  Moringa Oleifera, Tulsi, Lemongrass, and Mint

We can not tell you why each ingredient was chosen. (because we aren’t Drs or scientist ya know) But as always I highly recommend that you educate yourself on the goodness of any product that you use or consume. Be a informed consumer!



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