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Purely Castile (olive oil) SOAP Chunky shaped


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This soap was on my to do list for a long time! If you look up a true Castille soap it is only Olive oil soap. Many you find now days are not really Castille. They just use the name. I was excited to get a real Castille soap in my shop. It was on my curing racks since April 2018. It has a minimum of 6 months to cure. Many like them better after a year. I just wanted to clear some space. We have been using some of the bars for a while. They are a lower lather soap than our main recipe. But we love the gentleness of these. I am a huge fan of totally plain soaps. What do you think of them?

Ingredients: Olive oil, Lye water

Approx weight:  5.5 ounces / 155 grams


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