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Vintage (antique) German stamps


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We have had so much fun digging through these stamps that we want to share them. They are mostly from the 1930-1970s. There are some duplicates. But we tried very hard to give each bag a bunch of variety. In the bag is 50 grams of stamps. We wanted them evenly dispersed but didn’t want to count them. There must be a couple hundred per bag. We used them to decorate letters, in junk journals, to spur on greater learning by looking up the things we saw on the stamps. We looked up several people, machines and words we saw on the stamps. (We homeschool…)

The older woman we bought them from had been collecting stamps since she was 12. I wanted to ask her how many years it had been but decided against it. These stamps are fascinating. We hope you find them as neat as we have!

In each packet there are 2 of the nice sets of stamps in the small envelope. The collector thing. And enough more stamps to fill the packet to 50 grams. We might have spent hours trying to give plenty of variety…oye. No two packets are the same. So you may even want multiple.

NOTE: We have Hitler stamps as well. But decided to leave them out because of who he was. We didn’t want to offend or appear to be in agreeable with him in any way. However it did spark a lot of talk in our home about the travesty of the war and his horrid beliefs and actions. Our children learned a lot. If you would like us to add some in we will. Please add a note to your order if you would like us to do that.


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